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    n ordinary tap water through high-quality filter element: coarse filtration, sterilization, adsorption and tertiary filtration, and removes rust, micro mud, odor, residual chlorine and other substances in tap water。 This is the most electrolyzed water machine。 The basic principle of purification。 The electrolysis principle of the electrolyzed water machine is: applying a DC voltage to the water by using a separation membrane as a medium, and decomposing the water through the electrolysis plate。 Under the action of hydrogen bonding, the tap water is originally composed of 13-15 molecules, and passes through the electrolysis cell。 The action of the electric field The water molecule group is opened by hydrogen bonding, and the small molecule water composed of 5-6 small molecules is recombined, which is what we call alkaline electrolyzed water and acidic electrolyzed water。 After electrolysis, most of the minerals such as calcium ions, magnesium ions, sodium ions and potassium ions in the water accumulate at the cathode。 Since the water flowing out of the cathode contains more cations, the water flowing out through the cathode is our healthy drinkingwater。

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