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  • Strech Wrapper

    d other dangerous devices are all built in. To ensure the safety of the operator. The new 360 arc column design is simple and elegant. PLC programmable control, winding program is optional. Optional multi-function human-machine interface touch screen display system to display the running status of the device in real time. Germanys Pepperl+Fuchs photoelectric switch automatically senses the height of the cargo. The number of winding layers, running speed, and film tension can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the operation is convenient and simple. Independent variable frequency control pre-stretching automatic film feeding system, free adjustment of tension. The number of windings at the top and bottom is controlled separately, and 1-3 turns are freely adjustable. Automatic, manual switchable, virtually no routine maintenance required Product parameters: Wrap specification (500-1200) mm (500-1200) mm (L W) Package height H type: 2400mm Y type: 2800mm (max) Packaging efficiency 40-60 Torr / hour Turntable speed 0-12rpm speed variable frequency adjustable Turntable diameter 1650mm (please contact the company for other specifications) Turntable height 78mm Turntable load bearing 2000kg(max) Membrane frame system Damping stretch film frame Lifting column Double chain structure, adjustable speed adjustment Control System PLC control, the number of winding layers and the number of times are adjustable, the turntable is automatically reset, and the height of the cargo is automatically sensed. Machine weight(max) 680kg Dimensions 2625mm 1650mm (2270-2870) mm Power/voltage 1.1KW/AC220V

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  • Gantry Type Palletizer

    robot and high-precision operation enable fast boxing, palletizing and unloading. In the production line, robot palletizing for boxing, palletizing, and demolition operations can be flexibly laid out, and it is ideal to palletize two or more lines at the same time for palletizing at the end of the production line. The servo motor, programmable controller and variable frequency speed controller adopt the first-class quality products to ensure the reliability and long life of the system hardware. The combination of high-quality hardware and specialized control software designed by experts enables a high degree of system automation. A comprehensive safety interlock mechanism protects equipment and operators. Our technology, stable and reliable products and perfect service have improved the level of factory automation. Equipment model Fully automatic robot Power supply 220/380V; 50HZ Control voltage 24V DC Compressed air 0.5Mpa Air consumption 110L/min power 6.5KW Drive mode Servo motor drive

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  • Automatic Low Bed Palletizers

    form and high layer pattern to design the corresponding mechanical structure and PLC program;automatically finish each layer of product arrangement pattern, in order to ensure the pattern neat and smooth, the arrangement of each layer of the product will be different;because stack up from low to high layer,it called low bed palletizer Applicable pallet product carton,PE film shrink packing products, drum shape products, plastic box,bags, and all kinds of regular shape or packaging products.

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