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  • Tribloc Rinser Filler Capper (3~10 L Water Bottles)

    lavor water other still free liquid。 Packaging Container:Round and Square 3~10 L PET and HDPE bottles。 Caps applicable: 38~46mm screw caps, sport caps pressed caps Integrated rinsing empty bottles, filling bottles, capping bottels, 3 in 1 Filling Precision: 3mm liquid level *Capacity @5L PET Bottles

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  • Tribloc Rinser Filler Capper ( Small Water Bottle )

    flavor water other still fee liquid. Pacaging Container : Round , Square and Flat PET bottle and other plastic bottle. Caps Applicable : 26-30mm screw caps and sport caps. Integrated Rinsing empty bottles, filling bottles , capping bottles , 3 in 1 Filling Precision : +- 3mm liquid level .

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