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  • Ultra-clean aseptic filling equipment

    ons: (1) The material to be filled should meet the safety requirements of the shelf life; (2) The contact surface of the packaging material and the material is sterilized; (3) The filling and sealing area environment is sterilized and kept in a clean environment. The ultra-clean filling equipment adopts the ultra-clean filling process, the sterilization efficiency of the contact surface of the packaging material and the material is SE3, and the filling and sealing area should meet the requirements of the N6 clean room specified in GB 50073-2013 Design Code for Clean Plants. . Applicable products: juice, tea beverage, functional beverage, milk-containing beverage, etc. Applicable containers: PET bottles of various capacities and shapes Filling temperature: hot filling (82-92 C), medium temperature filling (68-75 C), normal temperature filling (16-35 C), low temperature cold filling (4-15 C) Filling method: mechanical, flow control, liquid level control, weighing Production capacity: 12,000 bottles / hour - 48,000 bottles / hour

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  • Aseptic Cold Filling Machine

    on basis of the advantages of the similiar foreign products. Our Aseptic cold filling line adopts aseptic isolation technology to ensure the aseptic of filling material,packing environment and packaging containers.Reliable sterilizing method is used to sterilize empty bottles and caps.In addition,the utilization of COP and SOP ensures the asepsis of the equipment inside and outside surface and adoption of aseptic compressed air ensures the positive pressure of filling environment for clean room environment.Whatss more,CIP cleaning and SIP sterilizing are used to clean and sterilize the material pipeline,which prevents the material sterilized by UHT from being polluted, thus ensuring the asepsis of final products.

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