Products - Filling System - 3&5 Gallon bottle water filling line
  • 5 Gallon Decapping Brushing Washing Machine

    d of bottle washing machine, bottle filling machine and sealing machine especially for production of drinking water of3 and 5 gallons。 2。 It is an idea filling line to produce mineral water and pure water。 3。 The whole set is made of good quality stainless steel 304 for corrosion resistance。 Siemens major electrical devices are used。 Omron products and AirTAC brand system are adopted。 4。 Barrel packing is different from small PET bottle packing, usually the barrel is recycle using, so the barrel cleaning is very important as the first step。 In our rinsing machine, the barrel will be cleaned by multiple liquid, from alkali water to disinfecting water, and then to the pure water, to ensure every barrel can be cleaned absolutely。 And then the filling machine and capping machine will start to work automatically 5。 This equipment is of compact structure, efficient and reliable operation and high degree of automation。

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  • <b>Automatic 5 Gallon Palletizer</b>

    stackingpackagedproducts(suchasbeer,beverage,milketc.)ontopalletsin a certainarrangement. The machine consists of case feed, marshalling station, pusher, pallet feeding etc. A partfrom five gallonbottle s, the mechnical palletizer alsoappliesto the productspackedwith carton s , plastic crate sor shrinkwrappedpack s,etc. T hespecificstackingpatternsofapalletizercanbesetbased on the customers specific requirements.

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  • Automatic 5 Gallon Water Bag Packing Machine

    sealing once completed, save manpower, improve efficiency, and realize unmanned operation docking production line . 2. Teflon anti-stick coating alloy thermostatic sealing knife, sealing temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate,itcan be arbitrarily set, sealing wire is not easy to crack, no edges, sealing more beautiful . 3. A utomatic feeding, length canbeautomaticadjustedwith the cooperation betweenthe electric eye and timer . 4. A utomatic roll feed, the induction motorshall be set toautomatic wind waste, makingit easier for customersduring operation . 5.U nique safety device in the package,the sealing knifewillquicklystop actionwhenmistakenly cut intohappened,itwill not hurt the packaging.

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  • Automatic 5 Gallon Barrel Out Brusher

    machine is a special cleaning device for cleaning the inner and outer walls of 18。9 liter buckets。 The design of the equipment is novel and unique, and the design of the brush is also unique。 This equipment is integrated with machine, electricity and gas。 It does not require labor and has high degree of automation。 It can be customized according to the needs of the manufacturer。 At the same time, it can clean the inner and outer walls of the bucket and has high efficiency。 It is a good supporting equipment for automatic filling machine。

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  • 5 Gallon Bottle Water Filling Line

    capacity of this machine is range from 200b/h to 2000b/h。 Customized service includes automatic cap fuller,internal and external barrel scrubber,cap elevator and heat shrinker,etc。 *Capacity @5 gallon bottles

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