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  • PP Bottle Series (0.3~1.5L)

    rotating infeed system effectively reduces the space occupied。 The consistency of preform position streamlines the process。 2。48mm pitched, more preforms are uninterruptedly heated within the same distance, which improves the efficiency and energy saving(energy saving can be up to 30%)。 3。Hinged oven holders make it easy for the operators to change infrared tubes and do maintenance。 4。The perform transfer system with grippers and the variable pitch system are both driven by the servo motors to ensure high speed and accurate perform handling between the two mechanism。 5。The Servo driven molding mechanism is synchronized by the CAM belt, triggering off the linkage to the bottom mold。 The application of high speed precision blowing valve unit helps to make high capacity。 6。Operation on the touch screen is simple and easy。 7。 PP bottle can withstand a temperature up to 125℃without deformation, this series is widely used for making PP bottles for soy milk beverage, liquid milk drink,pharmaceutical packaging bottle and other hot filling bottleect。 Parameters: Items Unit Model VS-PP12CR1。5L VS-PP10CR1。5L VS-PP8CR1。5L Molding Spec。 Cavity Pitch mm 105 96 96 Preform Heating Pitch mm 48 48 48 No。of Cav。 Cav。 12 10 8 Container Spec。 Max。Container Volume L 1。5 1。5 1。5 NeckDiameter Range mm 38 38 38 Max。Preform Height mm 150 150 150 Max。Preform Diameter mm 37。50 37。50 37。50 Max。Container Diameter mm 96 90 90 Max。Container Height mm 320 320 320 ※※ Theoretical Output (300~1500ml) BPH 12000~9600 10000~8000 8000~6400 Power Spec。 Rated Power KW 530 460 420 Power Consumption KW 140~220 120~200 80~160 Compressor Spec。 Blowing Pressure Mpa 1。6~2。5 1。6~2。5 1。6~2。5 Air Consuming m 3 /min 8~12 6~10 4~8 Main Machine Spec。 Size mm 201084784 3200 170364784 3200 140504784 3200 Weight Kg 17000 15000 13000 Note: The actual output depends on the preform quality and bottle shape。 Due to continuous technical development specification would be improved without prior notice。 Special designs correspond to customers needs。

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