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  • Hot Filling Bottle Series(0.3~2L)

    d to drive the molding mechanism, triggering off a bottom mold linkage as well. The whole mechanism works speedy, accurately, stably and flexibly. Meanwhile, it is energy efficient and environmental safe. 2.Oil or electricity heated, the mold can ensure bottles meet the hot filling requirement and withstand a temperature up to 90~95℃ without deformation. The capacity of each cavity can be up to 700~900bph. 3.The servo motor driven stepping unit and stretching mechanism have improved the speed, flexibility and accuracy of blowing. 4.The simple slide-in way of mold mounting makes it possible for the operators to change molds easily within 30 minutes. 5.The man-machine interface is highly automated and easy to operate. The compact machine occupies a smaller area. 6.The series is applied widely in PET hot filling bottle for juice, tea drinks, energy drinks and other hot filling drinks. Parameters ms Unit Model VS- 10CH600 VS- 8CH600 VS- 9CR1.5L VS- 6H1.5L VS- 4H1.5L VS- 6H500 VS- 4H500 Molding Spec. Cavity Pitch mm 76 76 105 114 114 76 76 Preform Heating Pitch mm 38 38 38 114 114 76 76 No.of Cav. Cav. 10 8 9 6 4 6 4 Container Spec. Max.Container Volume L 0.55 0.55 1.5 1.5 1.5 0.5 0.5 Neck Diameter Range mm 18~30 18~30 18~30 18~38 18~38 18~38 18~38 Max.Container Diameter mm 68 68 90 104 104 68 68 Max.Container Height mm 240 240 320 320 320 240 240 Note: The actual output depends on the preform quality and bottle shape. Due to continuous technical development specification would be improved without prior notice. Special designs correspond to customers needs.

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